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Travel Advisor

What is your travel background?
I went to college in MA for tourism and hotel restaurant management. I was a manager of a travel agency in Darien, CT and worked there for 11 years. My husband and I owned a bed and breakfast in Hendersonville, NC area and I got back in the travel industry about 2 years ago. The saying goes that once you become a travel agent you will always go back, it's true. It's a great business and a fun way to meet a variety of people.

What is your BEST advice for travelers?
Always, always use a travel agent. They are knowledgeable and have traveled extensively, so they know the ropes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are walking, talking books about travel!

What is your favorite trip that you have taken? AND where are you planning to go next?
One of the most relaxing family vacations I have been on was a 7 day Disney Cruise on the Magic. For my next trip I am looking forward to doing another family vacation this year. I am not sure where we might go but I would love to see Europe again.

What is your best travel memory?
My best travel memory was probably in my 20's and I traveled to 13 countries in 6 weeks. I went back - traveled again and I traveled to California, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti in about 3 months.

How many countries have you been to?
18 countries

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