Corporate Online Booking Technology

Mann Travels Online (MTO), a web based application for online bookings and corporate travel management, provides you efficient internet access to the lowest possible fares, saving you time while saving you money. MTO offers your company enhanced features in the areas of travel policy compliance, profile creation, and techniques to increase adoption rates that can lower your service fee costs. You'll find lower fares, pay lower transaction fees, and realize overall cost savings for your travel program.

Fast and Easy Trip Planning

  • Air, car & hotel availability 24/7
  • Automatic low-fare search helps travelers choose the least expensive travel options. Employees spend less time making travel arrangements
  • Quality control reservations. We'll suggest alternate routings that could save you money.
  • Trip templates store frequently traveled and priced itineraries for fast retrieval.
  • MTO mobile: Instant on-demand access to view trips via your mobile device. Real-time arrival and departure gate information , airport maps and flight status right at your fingertips.
  • Automated pre-trip approval process.
  • Expense Management Integration.

Travel Booking Convenience

  • Travelers have access to company negotiated rates, Mann Travel's exclusive corporate rates, hotel rates and corporate rental car programs.
  • Ability to view travel policy and make policy compliance at point of sale.
  • Driving directions and maps available for most hotels.
  • Access to airline seating maps to secure preferred seating.

For a demo of MTO, please contact us at 800-849-2301