If you are traveling to a foreign country, you must have a current passport, airline flights, the right clothing and proper immunizations.  But – often, foreign currency is something that gets left off the check list.

Why do you need foreign currency?

When traveling abroad, it’s always a smart idea to have cash to use when you arrive.  Sometimes it is for a cab ride from the airport, a cup of coffee or a snack, or a tip for an accommodating porter or hotel bellman.

Mann Travels recommends having some local currency available so you avoid the risk of the exorbitant exchange rates at the airport kiosks or hotel lobby desks.  Our currency experts can take care of exchanging your dollars before you travel. Whether it is Euros, Pesos, or Pound, Mann Travels can make your currency exchange easy and efficient helping you to avoid potential language barriers when arriving in a new place.

How do I obtain foreign currency?

Mann Travels currency exchange professionals are available by calling 704.556.8311 or emailing  Tell us what you need and the dollar amount, and we will provide a quote for you.

You can avoid long lines, bank hours and costly fees by obtaining your currency from a trusted, local source.  Our currency exchange rates are competitive and we always have Euros and British Pounds on hand.  Most of the world’s currencies are usually available with 3 business days.

Call 704.556.8311 today to have your currency ready for pick up. If you prefer, you can email us at and we will provide a quote for you.  Don't forget to include the country and amount (ex: I'd like 200 Australian Dollars and $200 US dollars of New Zealand's currency) with your contact information so we can get you a quicker, more accurate quote.

Where do I obtain foreign currency?

The Mann Travels foreign currency desk is located at our Charlotte Park Road office –4400 Park Road at the intersection of Park and Woodlawn Roads. For your convenience, we can deliver purchased currency to any of our other area branch offices for pickup.

AFTER YOUR TRIP - if you have any paper foreign currency leftover, Mann Travels will buy that back for US dollars at competitive daily rates.

Please email us at for more information!

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