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Q. Why should I use a travel agent?

A. Mann Travels has been serving travelers since 1975 and our experienced travel specialists can provide a variety of benefits as you contemplate your next trip. We act as a liaison between you and the travel supplier (cruise line, tour company, etc.) to ensure that you get the lowest price and the best service. We can help you make the best decisions with your vacation dollars as we have years of experience as an industry leader. We act as your advocate when any unexpected problems arise. We can save you time and customize a vacation that’s perfect for your needs and your budget.

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Q. Why is cruising a great vacation opportunity?

A.There are a variety of benefits to a cruise vacation and millions of people enjoy cruises to worldwide destinations year after year. First, the value of a cruise is quite attractive. One price buys accomodations, dining, entertainment, activities and more. The simplicity of unpacking once and getting to see multiple destinations is also a great draw for cruisers. There are thousands of ports of calls cruise ships can take you to – and the ease of not having to pack and unpack for each of these destinations makes cruising a wonderful alternative to the hotels of a land-based trip. The variety offered on cruise ships is also a benefit – hundreds of cruise ships sail the world’s waterways and they are filled with a dizzying array of activities, tours and experiences. There can be romance, relaxation, culture and history or just family time on cruise ships. Industry experts say that there is extremely high satisfaction rates among cruise travelers and once a vacationer tries it – the likelihood is that they become a cruise aficionado for life!

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Q. Can I book my next cruise while onboard?

A. Yes, most cruise lines encourage customers to book their next cruise with them while they are onboard their current cruise? There are many incentives offered to lock in your business. Most of the time, the cruise line makes sure the vacation specialist you work with still can handle the booking so that you retain that local contact and advocate to assist you with all your travel planning needs. Mann Travels will always honor the discount or promotion the cruise line is offering. Once you are back home, be sure to continue to call your vacation specialist instead of calling the cruise line directly. Mann Travels can always protect your frequent cruiser status with any cruise line and offer you the same …and most times better…opportunities you would receive if you booked direct.

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Q. What's included in my cruise fare?

A. Included in your cruise fare is most of the basics of your vacation. Your accommodation, meals, and transportation to the ports of call are covered in the cost. Also included are other amenities on board the ship such as: access to all pools on board, casinos, lounges, dance clubs, kid's activities, parties, organized games and entertainment, movies, onboard classes, lectures and many others! There is a recent move toward more inclusions with some cruise lines, particularly in the luxury realm. In these cases, off-shore excursions or drinks and specialty dining may be included so that cruisers have a more all-inclusive experience. Inquire with your vacation specialist about those opportunities to get the most value from your vacation.

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Q. What’s not included in my cruise fare?

A. Most cruise lines add gratuities to take care of the service personnel. Tipping guidelines vary from cruise line to cruise line, but your vacation specialist can advise you of approximate numbers so you will be prepared for these charges on your bill. In many cases, drinks and alcoholic beverages are also additional, although many cruise lines are beginning to offer more all-inclusive pricing to include some of this. Spa treatments, specialty restaurants, casino gambling, gift shop purchases, shore excursions are also among the things you will need to pay for. Finally, transfers to and from the ship and parking for your vehicle while you are on board are also costs you should figure into your final budget.

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Q. Is it better to wait until the last minute to book a trip?

A. There is a myth that waiting until the last minute will get you an incredible bargain. While there are occasional last-minute deals, the vast majority of people find that airfare is sold out, the better cabin or room locations have been picked over, and the deal may turn out to be leftovers, or less-desirable accommodations than you would normally select for you or your family. Our philosophy has always been to select a trip you'll be happy with regardless, then select accommodations you'll be happy with, and place a deposit. Later, if there is a price reduction that pertains to your vacation prior to final payment, we will gladly adjust your booking to reflect the lower rates. That's your protection against being penalized for planning ahead, plus you have the added advantage of knowing you have the vacation you want, traveling in the style you're accustomed to. It's a win-win situation.

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Q. Do I get a price break for bringing more people?

A. There is sometimes an opportunity for group pricing, however travel companies vary on what number constitutes a group. Typically, you will need at least 8 cabins or more (double occupancy or greater) to be considered a group and hoteliers or airlines may consider a minimum of 50 people as a group. Our trained staff will be happy to explain the parameters to you, based on your travel request. The short answer, though, is yes - there are price breaks when you meet the criteria set forward by the suppliers.

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Q. What is the benefit of an all-inclusive resort?

A. Vacationers looking for a stress-free, relaxing vacation should always consider an all-inclusive vacation. Experts agree: people relax more when they have prepaid because you can stop thinking about the money you are spending. When you travel to an all-inclusive resort, you eliminate the nickel-and-diming that often plagues vacationers. Tipping confusion and awkwardness is also avoided. Speak with a vacation specialist about what is included at different resorts to make sure you are choosing one that is perfect for your needs. All-inclusives can range from budget to ultra-luxurious and cater to different demographics – spring breakers, families, honeymooners, spa-lovers. You want to make sure you choose the one that is right for you and understand before you go exactly what is included.

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Q. What is the benefit of an escorted tour experience?

A. An escorted tour can be an unbeatable option for travelers looking for an opportunity that saves stress and money. Primarily, the time savings involved in letting someone else plan your transfers, hotel accommodations, meals, sightseeing schedule, etc. is invaluable. The group provides built in socialization opportunities and provides safety in numbers for those that do not want to travel alone. In addition, groups can negotiate better rates and the cost of an escorted tour is traditionally 30-40% less expensive than creating the exact same trip on your own. Finally, escorted tours rely on local experts to provide insider knowledge where ever you are traveling.

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Q. What is the most popular destination?

A. The most popular destination is extremely subjective. In the winter months, people begin to dream about warm weather and we get a lot of requests about sunny, sand filled beaches in the Caribbean. We send lots of happy travelers to the resort areas of Mexico, to Jamaica and to the Dominican Republic, among other islands. Caribbean cruising is also quite popular. Spring, Summer and Fall are better times to visit most of Europe and many of our clients travel on escorted tours and customized independent trips to Italy, France and England along with all the other European countries. More importantly, our trained vacation specialists determine where you want to go – not only what is the most popular destination. We can customize your vacation to your specific wants, needs and desires.

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Q. Don't See Your Question Here?

A. Then Ask The Experts! Send your questions to [email protected] and we will have a vacation specialist answer it as soon as possible.

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