Instead of watching a video on Washington, DC…they can climb the Capitol Steps.
Instead of a lecture on lunar landings…they can strap on a helmet and board an Apollo rocket.

Watch your lesson plans come to life in your student’s eyes – with a trip to anywhere you want to go!




EXPERIENCED- We have over twenty years of experience planning and leading school field trips. We can help plan the most educational (and fun!) trip they have ever had.

SECURE- You should have complete peace of mind when contracting with Mann Travels. We are fully insured.  We carefully screen our tour directors, thoroughly plan itineraries and handle dozens of other details…so you can concentrate on the educational experience with your students.

EASY AND ECONOMICAL- We provide easily understood pricing in our proposals - everything is included:  transportation, hotels, meals, gratuities, attractions as well as every other detail so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

EDUCATIONAL- We can incorporate any focus: STEM, Social Studies, Arts or a combination of all three.

CUSTOMIZED- Our customized approach gives you and your students the benefit of our extensive experience and personal service. We’ll custom plan your trip with you and assign experienced travel professionals to accompany you.


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