Travel Policy

Effective Travel Policy Development
Travel and entertainment typically represents the second largest controllable expense for corporations.

One particular area of focus-travel policy development and compliance- is gaining more importance as the means to control these expenses. By creating a formal, written corporate policy, you are creating your company's blueprint for savings. It is an expression of your company's culture as it relates to the travel function and effectively manages travel and entertainment expenses by influencing employee purchasing behavior before, during and after each business trip.

The 6 C's - Travel Policy Principles

A sound corporate travel policy reflects six critical elements - corporate culture, policy content, comprehensiveness of the content covered, effective communication, traveler compliance and the level of control the policy exerts.

Travel Policy Design & Development

Our experience and expertise, combined with our suite of travel policy tools, can help your company accelerate its success in developing and implementing a customized travel policy solution.

Travel Policy Support, Evaluation & Reassessment

The ability to encourage, monitor and control policy compliance plays an important role in reducing overall travel expenses. Our quality assurance tools, pre-and post-management information reports and benchmarking tools will assist in supporting your policy and identify new ways to achieve future savings.

Travel Policy Builder

Travel Policy Builder is a comprehensive software tool that containd everything needed to create an effective travel policy including sample language and a turn-key template that can be adapted to meet your company's unique needs and culture.